Thursday, June 4, 2009

Less = More for Features

I'm a big fan of 37signals. Admittedly, I don't use any of their products (I'm in a company dominated by Agile and other of Oracle's user-unfriendly products). But if I could, I would.

The reason I like 37signals is that they make products that do things well. And that means a product that does one thing well. Not a product that tries to do many things well and fails.

The folks at 37signals have written a book. My favorite quote from any business book in the past year: "Underdo the Competition." I love it. Now just need to live it.

Getting Real: Build Less (by 37signals)

PS 37signals also underdid the competition by failing to provide a Kindle version. Wonder if they consider that a feature add? Maybe in perfect keeping with their underlying mission, but I can still gripe that I have to read their darn thing via PDF!

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