Wednesday, June 3, 2009


The RACI / DACI or RASIC model is something I picked up from my Program Manager that is a wonderful tool for outlining the steps of a process and who will own them. RASIC stands for (R)esponsible, (A)ccountable, (S)upport, (I)nform and (C)onsult. This model is a little more complex than (D)river, (A)ccountable, (C)onsult and (I)nform model that is used in other places to equal effect.

The idea with this is that for every task there should be one person responsible for the task, one person accountable for its results (often these two are the same person), people who will support the task, people who need to be informed about a task and people who you consult in the completion of the task. By taking a project and walking its component tasks through this model, you can quickly get to understand who owns what and when.

Usually, the ownership of a RASIC belongs to Program Manager, but if you don't happen to have one (either at all or on a particular project), it's an incredible tool. I like it for laying out research projects to ensure that deliverables are clear up-front so that back-end follow-up is kept to the least amount possible while still ensuring that the task is delivered.

RASIC Model Excel Template

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